Pre-Diet Cleansing:

Pre-diet cleaning is imperative when starting any new diet. It is recommended for new dieters of the Lipolytic Programme to begin a cleanse, 2-4 weeks before beginning the diet.

How to prepare the body for the diet:

Firstly, at least a 2-week total body cleanse is required to remove unnecessary toxins that may inhibit weight loss. 

I recommend doing a 2-week yeast cleanse before or after administering the Lipolytic Diet. Yeast buildup over time can prohibit weight loss and slow your metabolism. The yeast cleanse, should NOT be done with the pre-diet cleanse.

During the Lipolytic Diet, it’s important to ensure your body is getting all its nutrients, I recommend that a Multivitamin supplement be taken when starting phase 1 of the diet plan.

Ensure you stay hydrated, drinking on average of 3L of water a day is required when on the diet.

To prepare your body for the eating plan ahead, you will have to increase your food intake two days prior to starting the low-calorie eating plan.

You will need to eat a high calorie/high-fat diet in conjunction with administering you’re Lipolytic. As soon as the actual diet begins, the lipolytic will stop new fat cells and lipids from being stored in your body and will instead mobilize the fat that is already stored up. 

Because of this, Phase 1 is crucial to your success.